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Man VS Machine is a unique project by human beatbox champ Fatty K & DMC/ITF champ DJ Dysfunkshunal. They combine their musical skills to create a new breed of music using the standard hiphop tools: 2 turntables and a microphone. In addition they use extra hardware like MIDI controllers, loopstations & FX processors.

DJ Dysfunkshunal & Fatty K both own multiple national and international titles, so it’s needless to say they’ve paid their dues in the international battle scene & world championships. In 2010 they started this side project after working together for the first time at one of Belgium’s biggest festivals Laundry Day.

Their first ‘Man VS Machine’ show went down in New York City on the international hip-hop event ‘This Is Hip-Hop’ at the legendary club ‘BB King House Of Blues’. In New York they shared the stage with hip-hop heavyweights Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), Keith Murray, MC Eiht, Lords Of The Underground & DJ Tony Touch. In Belgium they warmed up for legendary rap group Naughty By Nature (USA), Sexion D’Assaut (FR), Hef (NL) & Mr Polska (NL). Man VS Machine allready rocked crowds at dance festivals like Elements, Club Soda, Ontpopt, Springtime & Puntpop & they got school yards wilding out at numerous TMF Stressfactor editions. Since 2012 they’re also holding down a residency at Club MTV. Man Vs Machine also had the honor to perform 9 times in Belgium’s biggest stadium ‘Koning Boudewijnstadion’ at the sports event Mission Olympic.

They are currently touring Belgium with their mc/host Bringhim Backalive who is known to hype a crowd like no other. Occasionally they are joined by jazz saxophone player Ben van Steenbergen for a crazy mash-up experience.

DJ Dysfunkshunal & Fatty K deliver a pounding mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, Electro, Trap, Dubstep and even Rock and Drum&Bass. They use their battle champ techniques to add that unique touch, guaranteed to rock any type of crowd. Fatty K’s human beatbox rhythms blending with DJ Dysfunkshunal’s scratches & turntable wizardry…Man VS Machine.

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